Photos of Our Mini Vacation in Ohau, Hawaii

 Me eating at an Asian Seafood Buffet Restaurant down in Waikiki

This is the restaurant we ate at, the night life is beautiful. Plenty places to go to in walking distance

 A model of a pagoda right outside of the restaruant

 North shore is awesome! I love it!

 Driving right down by the harbor

This is the harbor, lot's of boats and activity in the summer time!

 A walk around North Shore

 I think this is some type of Red Cardinal

 Two beautiful bird's relaxing by the pool at Waikiki Hotel were we stayed

 This is a photo of a "Bird of Paradise"

Family photo in the"Teddy Bear Museum"

Look at all the teddy bears on display

 On the road again!

 A shop down in North Shore

 North Shore Market Place

 Mountain view is magestic

 Heading back to Waikiki

To the Dole Plantation

 Live human statue's down in Waikiki Strip

Here is another live human statue. It was neat to watch

 This young boy performs during the night life down at Waikiki Strip

 More Teddy Bears on display. This one is doing the hula

 Another beautiful bear on display

 Hawaii Style!

 Harley Bear

 Mini town display

We happen to pass by one of Donald Trumps hotel