My Goodbye Photos of Guam

 My Grandson Baby Kimbo, so cute! Look's like bonita

 Cinamon and Toast, I miss them girl's of mine.

 Last Guam Carnival for awhile

 Devin carrying Tobey

This is Sammy Devin sister, part of our extend family

 This is what it look's like to me, a Guam island coconut scarecrow

 Pineapple's, fruit tabletop arrangement at Hamamoto farm

 We went here before leaving Guam

 At Talafofo Fall's the pigs run free!

 This is a Bunado-Deer

 On are way down to the fall's

 Nice view from up here

Yokoi's cave is right under a huge Bamboo tree.
 Here we are standing by the entrance to Yokoi's cave.

 Beautiful and peaceful

 Nice family photo

 Me and my husband

 another photo taken from above on the cable cart

This is me, I really had fun at Talafofo Fall's. 
More photos coming soon!