My son Puppie and Kittin Play Art Prints

"Puppie Play"

"Kittin Play"

Tobey my son is an amazing little artist, he just whipped these up just last night. He miss spelled kitten, "Kitten with an i" but that is what makes it interesting. I wasn't looking at perfection of spelling. But that it was simply from his imagination. 

He hand drew his illustrations, of puppie and kittin and then he had me outline them in ink. Then I scanned and I color enhanced using adobe photo shop. I was amazed at what he can do he showed more detail than what I could come up with in some of my illustrations. 

I have learned something wonderful through my son's eyes. I can see he has become the little writer as well. the Bold letters really express the action of puppie and kittin. I plan to list them for Tobey on my online shop at