American Bakery "Life is Sweet Try One"

Way to Go! American Bakery
I happen to visit American Bakery at the mall yesterday and the cupcakes and pastries look so good and yummy. American bakery has been here on the island of Guam for as long as I can remember and now they are actually here at the Guam Micronesia Mall. This is a great place to stop by and do some of your last minute grocery shopping how convenient this is to get your breads and pastries before going home. Stopping by at American bakery is not just so sweet in life but also educational you can actually see through the looking glass and watch how they make some of these goodies. They have really come along way it kind of reminds me of the Krispy Creme concept I am happy to see that this bakery has taken up several notches with their creative thinking.

 "Life is Sweet Try One"
Thinking of this phrase it is like an analogy in life. If we look at life in a positive way and make a decision to be happy over negative things that defeat us. Life can truly be sweet after all.