Ajisen Ramen at GPO Guam Premium Outlets

Yesterday my husband took me out for lunch at the Ajisen Ramen restaurant down here at GPO (Guam Premium Outlets).

These are some of the foods that I tried:

1st photo in our line up is a ramen with pork and a marinated beef rib tip soup called pork nose ramen something like that...This one was great because it had that punch of marinated flavor coming from the beef tip ribs all the while sipping the broth and eating the ramen noodle.

2nd photo in our line up is called Tokyo Bites
 mushrooms stuffed with imitation crab meat and dipped and fried in a tempura batter. I liked this but it was missing that zing in the bite it must be challenging to flavor up them mushrooms.

3rd photo in our line up is called Seafood Dynamite
Soufle type look too it with all the cheese on top and inside a garlic sauce.I discovered a whole lot of onions I think too much onions and then some mushrooms. The sauce kind of reminded me of what you put on top of tuna  before you bake it I did not really like this one it needed saving.

Overall the Ajisen Ramen restaurant is one place I like to go for great ramen soup. Sometimes I don't want to eat a really heavy meal with rice instead I like food like this in substitute for the rice it is ramen noodles.

Ohh! I can't forget the line up of their collective soup bowls art on the wall it catches my attention but I have to say it is the food that draws me there and my husband of course...