Ranch Life Here on the Beautiful Island of Guam

What's here at the ranch well these are a few elements that I have to show you the ranch is a place here on Guam were my family gets together and have a barbeque

Here is a Beat up Non Working Condition
Rustic Child's Jeep

And here we have what you call a homemade makeshift barbeque Grill

My son looking up at the trees there is a lot of them
here at the ranch he is so cute and full of energy

My nephew joins in on the fun and also wants his photo
taken he is ready and willing and interested in the results on how the photos turn out

My niece I call here my Le' Petite likes to model she is a cutie and tiny little girl

My mother has gnomes in her garden here on Guam
This one looks like he is making his way home to his cottage
hidden within the plants and ground cover.

More Photos Coming Soon!