Something to Think About

it sure brings a lot more peace of mind and happiness for you and the people that love you and it saves you in the end when you do the right thing.

Sometimes you just got to draw the line you will know who really is your friend and there is no need for compromise in this department.

Is it the one that influenced you into immoral behavior? like a three some or let's just have sex and just live it up we only have one life to live come on porn ain't so bad.

Or is it the one friend that will tell you stop don't do that you know ice can kill you! it will destroy you or stop sleeping around you could catch std or don't get involved with that married man think about their children.

There is no more love there even for themselves some times we don't care enough about ourselves to do the right thing just accept it this is just the way life is what ever lures you just take it be the bait.

I have come a long way and I am convinced that there are things in this world that will literally destroy us just a little won't hurt I hear people say this and have been one of them myself.

Yes this is just a little about me in the big world we live in I need to be confident in what I believe when there is that one person that has fallen flat on their face with immorality or whatever has taken them down deep down they would want someone there for them they just won't admit it at first...

Their were people there for me that came along and took courage to tell me there is a better way to live so now it's my turn to pass it along and encourage others